Czech Republic Issues Coins in Celebration of IYA2009

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The Czech National Bank put into circulation a CZK 200 coin last October (2009) in celebration of IYA2009, International Year of Astronomy. The Czech kept their attention more on 400th anniversary of the derivation of Kepler's Laws on planetary motion, by Johannes Kepler. The IYA2009 is also coincident to the 400th anniversary of discovery of Telescope for stellar observation, by Galileo Galilei, back in 1609.

This very special CZK 200 alloy coin is minted in two versions composed of 900 silver pieces and 100 copper pieces, each of which  are specified for normal and proof respectively. They slightly vary from their formation of surface and edges.

The small set of 100 proof-quality coins have highly polished fields with plain edges with the inscription in Czech “ČESKÁ NÁRODNÍ BANKA" which means "CZECH NATIONAL BANK"

The normal-quality coins have milled edges with following properties.

Diameter : 31 mm
Weight : 13 g
Thickness : 2.3 mm
Designer : Vojtěch Dostál

The obverse side of this IYA2009 CZK 200 coin depicts the drawing of the orbit of Mars resembling the Johannes Kepler´s famous book “Astronomia Nova”. In addition the name of the state “ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA” - Czech Republic, is etched around edge of the coin. The bottom edge of the coin bears the denomination and abbreviated Czech monetary unit “200 kč” courtesy of Czech Mint, together with the logo of the Europa project, which laid the basis for the IYA2009 CZK 200 coin to be issued.

The reverse side of the coin is featured with the portrait of Johannes Kepler on the background of the illustration of the law of areas, which is the Kepler's 2nd Law of Planetary Motion. The inscription in Czech reading “ KEPLEROVY ZÁKONY POHYBU PLANET“, which could be translated as "Kepler's laws of planetary motion" is positioned at the right-hand edge of the coin. Along opposite edge to that are the years “1609 – 2009”.

If you look more carefully with scrutiny, you'll find out the reversed letter "D" on the same side. This revered D stands for the name of Vojtěch Dostál the 1st designer of this Czech IYA2009 coin, This is carved near to the ear of Kepler.

Each coin comes with a blue postcard-sized catalog card. It is dry-stamped through silver foil. There is also a text given in both Czech and English. This card is the same for the normal-quality and proof-quality coins.

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