Hungary Issues a Medallion for IYA2009

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This story is bit different from others, Normally you expect to read about an IYA2009 coin issued by some country. This is in fact a medallion, issued by the Hungary. The Hungarian Numismatic Society took the initiative in issuing this commemorative medallion in celebration of IYA2009, International Year of Astronomy 2009.

Below you can see the image of both sides of this commemorative medal, which has been issued together with a plastic capsule. The medal has a shiny lacquer surface and it's much beautiful to see it live rather than just this image.

The obverse side of this medal (to your left) demonstrates the well known logo of IYA2009. But there are 2 differences, that the logo is not in usual bluish color, this time it's brownish. The other is that the logo is etched in Hungarian. However there's an English version of the text reading International Year of Astronomy along the round edge of the medal.

The reverse is illustrated with the famous Hungarian astronomer Jeno Gothard, who died 100 years ago. Beside the portrait of Gothard, one of his greatest discoveries is also depicted on reverse. In 1892 he came up with the discovery that the spectra of Nova Aurigae is very similar to the spectra of planetary nebula. His drawing from his log book is replicated on this elegant IYA2009 medal.

Here are some of the properties of the this IYA2009 Medallion.

Metal: Bronze

Diameter: 42mm (1.65")

Weight: 37.1gramm

Designer: Zsuzsa Csóka

Issued:  200 Pieces

Since there are just only 200 pieces, been issued, this medallion is sort of rarest among all IYA2009 souvenirs/ legacies. It should also be mentioned that there were other 40 samples of this medal made with silver especially for the members of the Hungarian Numismatic Society, who have prepaid for the medal.
This special quote of this Gothard medal was minted by Szabó Mint, Szeged, Hungary.

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peregrinus Says....

Four Gothard medals went to winners of the MiniSpaceWorld Design Contest 2009: Far Worlds - Best of Science Fiction as part of the awards, two sponsored by the Hungarian Numismatic Society for the MSW Community Prize, the other two supported by individual sponsors.

Carolyn Says....

The outstanding creation of the Italian coins made a permanent remarkable place in the world history of great creation of coins.

Silver MLM

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