IYA2009 Coins of Germany

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Below is the IYA2009 Coin issued by Germany in celebration of International Year of Astronomy 2009. Besides the usual German eagle, the obverse side (to your right) of the coin is simple in its design yet very important in what it represents.

It's significant that Johannes Kepler is featured in this German (Deutsch ) IYA2009 coin, as same as in IYA2009 coin of San Marino. Johannes Kepler was a then a scholar during the 17th century. His teacher was Tycho Brahe , who has won a great reputation as an astronomer, even he was gifted with an Island dedicated specially for his works, where he built ab observatory called Uraniburg. It was one of the best ones in Europe. He had many scholars/ trainees , among whom was Johannes Kepler.

However it was the Kepler who was fundamental in deciphering the laws of planetary motion, with the help of data archives of Tycho Brahe, after his demise.

Anyway ... this coin features Kepler in profile along with a diagram of an ellipse, illustrating the derivation of his Laws. You may also notice the trigonometric illustration in the reverse side (To your left)of this German IYA2009 coin.

The coin is a silver proof. It has a face value of €10. There is a mintage limit of 200,000 on the proof version, which is a great news for numismatists and even anyone who's interested in IYA2009 as well. Without any doubt, they would be nice souvenirs/ legacies of International Year of Astronomy IYA2009. Apparently the mintage of other corresponding counties was low.

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