IYA2009 Coins of San Marino

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In fact there are 2 coins issued by the republic of San Marino in celebration of International Year of Astronomy 2009. Here is the first coin.

Following is the other San Marino's IYA2009 coin featuring eminent astronomer Johannes Kepler. It is quite simple and many numismatists will surely love simplicity of the coin.

The reverse side (To your left) of this IYA2009 coin bears the image of Johannes Kepler, along with the issuing country,  which is "REPUBLICA DI SAN MARINO."  ,Republic of San Marino. Kepler is shown  with a compass on a globe.

The obverse side (To your right) of this IYA2009 coin is perhaps more interesting. It is engraved with Kepler's name (KEPLERO) along with the book he published, "New Astronomy" (or, "ASTRONOMIA NOVA"). It is made with the sun at the center of a system with 8 planets, bringing out the idea of Kepler's key influence in developing the heliocentric model of the solar system.

In addition you can also find the 12 signs of the Western/Greek Zodiac in the neighborhood of the same planetary system: They can be deciphered as follows.

♈ (Aries), ♉ (Taurus), ♊ (Gemini), ♋ (Cancer), ♌ (Leo), ♍ (Virgo), ♎(Libra), ♏ (Scorpio), ♑ (Capricorn), ♒ (Aquarius), ♓ (Pisces).

The coin is different from the others in the following way that it is not influenced by its issuing nation (San Marino), rather it was struck by the Italian mint instead. (The obverse bears the large "R" mint mark as Italy's coin does). The mintage of this IYA2009 coin is 13,400 pieces . It is characteristic with its 18-gram & 92.5% silver features (sterling silver) with a face value of €5.

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